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Philip-Lorca diCorcia

A Storybook Life

A Storybook Life

"The disparate photographs assembled here were made over the course of twenty years. None of them were originally intended to be used in this book. By ordering and shaping them I tried to investigate the possibilities of narrative both within a single image and especially in relation to the other photographs. A Storybook Life is an attempt to discover the possibilities of meaning in the interaction of seemingly unrelated images in the hope that content can constantly mutate according to both the external and internal condition of the viewer, but remain meaningful because of its inherent, but latent content. The conscious and subconscious decisions made in editing the photographs are the real work of A Storybook Life." —Philip-Lorca diCorcia

twin palms publishers
july 2003
14 x 11 inches
75 four-color plates
160 pages

isbn: 978-1-931885-23-2

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