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Pablo Ortiz Monasterio

The Last City

The Last City

"Stendhal’s famous definition of the novel—a mirror carried along a road—could well apply to The Last City. But Ortiz Monasterio's is a selective mirror, precise and implacable, which retains only that which is worth preserving." — José Emilio Pacheco

Mexico City presents a post-apocalyptic paradigm, rivaled only, perhaps, by Los Angeles—it is a metropolis ravaged by immense poverty, crime, and the ill-effects of overpopulation. As a street photographer working in the tradition of committed documentary image-making, Ortiz Monasterio reveals Mexico City’s fragmentation.

twin palms publishers
october 1995
7 x 10 inches
56 gravure plates
104 pages

isbn: 978-0-944092-32-3

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