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Lucy Helton



Transmission is a communication from our future to our recent past. A warning that if we don’t stop stripping our home bare and consuming it to death, we will bring about our own extinction.

The images are drawn from an earlier project Actions of Consequence. They incorporate panoramas, stitched photographs, and aerial imagery - techniques used by scientists to record our planet today - to create an experience of exploration and examination, one we might imagine future humans having when revisiting their ancestral home. These source images were then reproduced using thermal fax machines, a printing process which, like human nature, has inherently destructive qualities. In the act of interpreting the message, whilst questioning what is real and what imagined, we understand self-destruction can be turned around, and this transformation can produce beautiful results.

Limited edition of 350 numbered copies. Nine panoramic thermal prints made by the artist. Synthetic paper wrap printed with UV ink. Japanese clip binding. Presented in a cardboard tube.

silas finch
september 2015
31.5 x 8.75 inches
9 pages + wrap

isbn: 978-1-936063-22-2

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