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Danny Lyon

The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders

This is a personal record, dealing mostly with bikeriders whom I know and care for. If anything has guided this work beyond the facts of the worlds presented it is what I have come to believe is the spirit of the bikeriders: the spirit of the hand that twists open the throttle on the crackling engines of big bikes and rides them on racetracks or through traffic or, on occasion, into oblivion. – Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon joined the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club in 1963 and made photographs and tape recordings with its members until 1967. First published in 1968 by the MacMillan Company, the book was remaindered and went out of print four years later. In 1997, Lyon worked with Jack Woody to re-issue the book in this sheet-fed gravure edition.

twin palms publishers
december 1997
8 x 11 inches
48 gravure plates
104 pages

isbn: 978-0-944092-99-6-lc-1

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