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Matt Mahurin

Matt Mahurin

Matt Mahurin

In 1988 TwelveTrees Press published the first book of Matt Mahurin's enigmatic images. After working for several years in digital imagery, and writing and directing a feature film, Mahurin returned to the simplicity of the camera and darkroom. The photographs reflect the mood and vision of his first monograph and include work from America, France, Nicaragua, Ireland, and Mexico.

Mahurin’s vision straddles two worlds—daytime glimpses out of the corner of the mind's eye, and night visions we might spy with our eyes closed. Ordinary moments captured in mid-gesture are infused with an unexpected ritualism. The photograph becomes a frozen prayer to the perpetual rhythm of everyday life.

twin palms publishers
april 1999
9 x 10 inches
45 gravure plates
96 pages

isbn: 978-0-944092-60-6

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