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Duane Michals

Salute, Walt Whitman

Salute, Walt Whitman

Salute, Walt Whitman is both an extension and a summation of Duane Michals's decades-long exploration of desire and an acknowledgment of the lifelong comfort, inspiration, and extraordinary vision he's found in the writings of his spiritual mentor and companion, Walt Whitman. Suffering retrospectives and the accumulated critical accolades and dismissals that a long, illustrious career brings, Michals finds an open meadow in the ageless words of Whitman. In this book a litany of images unfolds, evoking the sensuality and rapturous longing that was part of this singular American poet's great contribution.

twin palms publishers
december 1996
9 x 12 inches
68 gravure plates
112 pages

isbn: 978-0-944092-34-7

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