Mine Fields

In addition to publishing the reprint of Bill Burke’s iconic “I Want to Take Picture,” Twin Palms Publishers is pleased to be distributing first edition copies of “Mine Fields,” Burke’s follow-up to “I Want to Take Picture,” published by Nexus Press in 1995.

“Mine Fields (a sequel to Bill Burke’s justly famous I Want to Take Picture), is Burke’s scrapbook of his life and his pursuit of the history and daily life of Cambodia. Part adventure story, part personal confession, part travelogue, and always fascinating, Burke’s negotiation of the mine fields of divorce and war is a compelling collage of photographs, found objects, stories, and the contrast between glorious ancient temples and the horrors of war and genocide.”  — Nexus Press

First Edition
September 1995
11 x 9 Inches
95 Duotone Plates
118 Pages

ISBN: 978-0932526-50-2
Availability: In Stock