Meditations In Light

This elegant production was printed on archival uncoated stock paper in the United States to the highest standards. Paul Caponigro’s quiet yet sublime photographs of Nature are unsurpassed in their subdued, lyrical, and eloquent beauty. His images are meticulously shot and composed. Poetic excerpts from Ovid, Lao Tzu, St. Ignatius, Annie Dillard, John Menken, and others begin and conclude this beautiful collection of photographs taken in Ireland, France, Maine, Italy, and other majestic places.

Paul Caponigro’s Afterword amounts to his personal artistic credo and is important reading for all serious photography collectors.

First Edition
October 1996
8 x 7 Inches
22 Tritone Plates Plates
38 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-9651313-1-5
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