As one of the most important painters of our time, Clemente has radically confronted our ideas about pictorialism, in part through the inspiration derived from classical and contemporary Indian culture. Francesco Clemete: India examines one year in the working life of the artist in his home and studio in Madrs, the Tamil capital and center of Dravidian culture in India. Included are paintings, gouaches, watercolors, drawings and a series of comtemporary illuminated manuscripts made in collaboration with the American poet John Wieners. Supplementary texts, assembled as a commonplace book by the artist, include Antonin Artaud, Octavio Paz, Ramana Maharshi, Heinrich Zimmer, Krishnamurti and others.

First Edition
August 1987
9 x 12 Inches
50 plates
96 pages

ISBN: 978-0-942642-30-8
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