5 x 7

“William Eggleston’s latest monograph features photographs taken during the early 1970s using a large-format 5 x 7 camera. The book includes imagery typical of the Eggleston oeuvre—streetscapes, parked automobiles, portraits of the strange and disenfranchised. It also offers never-before-published photographs taken in the nightclubs Eggleston frequented. The portraits are offhand and spontaneous but insistently stark; their brutality is heightened by the absence of color. They have a leveling effect—whether biker or debutante, the people are clearly denizens of the same realm.”
—Walter Hopps

January 2007
11 x 14 inches
57 Four-color Plates
96 Pages

First Edition

ISBN: 978-1-931885-48-5-F
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Second Edition

ISBN: 978-1-931885-48-5
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